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Bill Parcells "The Tuna"

Lots of people have asked why Bill Parcells has the nickname "The Tuna." Does he really like tuna sandwiches or something? Some years back, he gave the explanation below. (You may know football, but do you know tuna? Take our quiz.)

[Coach Parcells discusses how he got the nickname ''Tuna'' at a 1997 press conference.]
Bill Parcells: I think it goes back to my first time with the Patriots. There was an old commercial from StarKist with Charlie the StarKist tuna. So my players were trying to con me on something one time, and I said, 'You must think I'm Charlie the Tuna,' you know, a sucker, and that's kind of how it started. We started with it that year and [Charlie and the other fish] used to wear those little tuna helmets, you know, tuna pictures on their helmets. That's where it all started.